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Daily bread

“The sky is the daily bread of the eyes.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

In that case, I had several loavesĀ of bread yesterday. Regardless, I could still eat more (metaphorically). The whole trip lasted about four hours and we had ideal weather for the majority of it.

A boat ride on the Volta River.

Mirror image.

The halfway point was a small island named ‘Dodi’ where the locals met us on the dock, singing and dancing with a bucket for donations.

Dancing at Dodi Island.

We stopped on the island for about 30 minutes, allowing time to walk to the other side. All along the path were more musicians and dancers of all ages, each with their own collection bins. I gave my spare change to the performers and children walking around and holding people’s hands, asking for money to go to school.

The path to the other side of the island.

There were also men offering canoe rides, but the captain of the boat had warned us not to take part if we wanted ‘to come back alive’. He meant the boat would leave us behind, not that we’d be killed, but it sounded menacing enough.

Life-ending canoe ride?

When we boarded the boat to return to our starting point, rain was visible on the horizon.

Rain starting to fall.

Regardless, a boat of fishermen continued heading away from shore.

It still took some time before the rain reached us. So I sat at the front of the boat, and dangled my feet in the small wading pool. I had applied sunscreen (50 SPF), but discovered later that I still managed to burn a little. The new necklace I had purchased from a stand onshore left a nice outline on my neckline and it now looks like I’m constantly wearing some sort of white medallion. My sunglasses also left a nice ‘raccoon ring’ around my eyes.

The colorful stand where I purchased my necklace.

With all of that sun, it was refreshing when the rain started to fall. As its intensity increased, most people sought shelter and I gave in soon after. The sun, food, music and fresh airĀ tired me out and I was ready to sleep.

Hoped to have dreams full of clouds.


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