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The past three days here in Paris have largely consisted of new sights, as is expected. Along with some tasty croissants, crepes and cheese; although not too much because the exchange rate is not currently in our favor!

In order to see many of these grand sights, you have to look up. So I’m in need of a neck massage and/or some ibuprofen. Sight seeing really takes a lot out of your feet and back, too. Totally worth it, though. Plus I was planning on being exhausted when I return, so I went ahead and purchased a Groupon deal for a massage.

There’s a good deal of weaving in between the hawkers and others seeking money from tourists. Future travelers to Paris, beware the men trying to put a friendship bracelet on your wrist, the opportunity to gamble on a game of ‘which cup is hiding the pea’ and the countless people claiming to be deaf who want your contact info. If you’re not scammed by one of them, you might have your pocket picked by an accomplice. As long as you are aware of your surroundings and avoid engaging them in conversation, you should be fine.

Have I mentioned the weather has been gorgeous? We have yet to tour any museums just because of the blue skies and sunlight bringing warmth to these fall days. My favorite type of day.

View of the city from Sacre Couer.

Pigeons, pigeons everywhere.

An artists' palette of colors.


Sacre Couer, peaking out over Montmarte.

Fall colored flowers outside the Louvre.

A lovely perch.

Mid-autumn in Paris.

The door of Notre Dame.

Celebrating its 850th anniversary this year.

That famous monument.


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