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I miss taking random videos of animals in Ghana. In this particular one, I was watching the chickens frolic outside my house and decided that others should enjoy it, too. Hope you do. In other news: I’m back home in the U.S. of A! That doesn’t mean this blog is coming to an end, though.

One big thing that traveling made me realize was how much of my own country I have yet to see. I’d meet people and tell them I’m from the States and they’d say, ‘Oh I’ve been to NYC, DC, Chicago, etc.’ and I’d shock them when I responded, ‘Oh really? I’ve never been.’ Granted, many people don’t realize the massive size of the country and the cost of travel. Regardless, I have some upcoming trips in mind to Chicago and Dallas and will be blogging about those.

Plus, I’ve got numerous anecdotes and pictures that I have not yet shared on here and will be doing so. For now, here’s the chicken video. Sorry for the wind.


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Back home the political campaigns for the upcoming presidential election are well underway, something I’m not necessarily looking forward to returning to because of all the criticism and hearsay involved. Based on the media coverage I’ve read lately, the intensity of this election is only increasing.

As far as Ghanaians go, any of them who have talked to me about American politics have been fond of President Obama. Billboards show a large image of him pasted beside an equally sized picture of their president, John A. Mills. People wear clothing with his image or sayings such as ‘Obama girl’.

Obama shirts.

I haven’t seen any Obama pajamas or wine stoppers, but after hearing there were biscuits (aka cookies) named after him I had to see for myself. They weren’t the tastiest, but the packaging was amusing. I was happy his face was only on the wrapper and not the actual snack; that seems unpatriotic to me.

Obama biscuits.

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