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I beg to differ…

After spending a good portion of yesterday afternoon at Accra mall, using the internet cafe and grabbing a snack from the food court, nature called. So, I decided to venture into the restroom (called a washroom here).

The thing about washrooms here in Ghana is that they are always a gamble. When we traveled through more of the country, I got used to lowering my standards for roadside stops.

Twice I paid 10 pesewas/about 8 cents to (unknowingly) simply pee behind a stall door on a slab of concrete/pile of rocks. To say it smelled was an understatement. I got out of there as quick as I could!

Even when it’s a tiled bathroom, sometimes there aren’t stalls and simply a drain on the ground. Again, I try not to breathe.

Relatively speaking, the Accra mall bathroom was modern and immaculate. Regardless, when I closed the stall door and saw this sign encouraging me to sit on the toilet seat, I decided against it. I also had a hard time understanding who decided these signs were a necessity and what they have vested in it.

At least it was free!

No matter the amount of encouragement, I'd rather not.


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