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So I know I’ve mentioned the infamous tro-tro several times in the past few weeks. They are a staple here in Ghana and I’ve sampled quite a few of them. Lately I’ve been splurging a bit just to take my own taxi because it’s been hot and tro-tros usually involve cramming in next to lots of people.

This afternoon I’m probably going to suck it up, though, because tro-tros are the cheapest way to go. Unless you walk.

The video below was taken on my way to Kintampo Waterfalls, located just about halfway between the north and the south. The roads leading to our destination were a mixture of everything you can imagine: potholes, gravel, dirt, pavement. Luckily, they seemed to be doing some work on them so hopefully people will soon be riding more smoothly.

You may have noticed the woman in front of me was wiping her hair with a handkerchief. That was because we were traveling so fast that the amount of dust we managed to stir up was unbelievable.

Also, if you didn’t pick up on it from my story about the taxi driver’s handkerchief the other day, they’re commonly used when it’s hot out. Regardless, keeping the windows open was necessary in order to create airflow, so I arrived at Kintampo covered in a fine layer of orange dust.

No, contrary to how it may appear, I have not been fake tanning. That's just flakes the earth all over me!


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