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Today I tried a few new things: ate some passion fruit, sucked on some cocoa beans straight from the large husk (you don’t eat the bean itself, just the sweet coating it’s in), a new type of nutĀ  that I can’t remember the name of and touched a crocodile.

After walking the canopy bridge at Kakum National Park again (why not?) with my Irish and English friends, I wanted to stop at a hotel on the way back that had a restaurant overlooking a lake with crocodiles. I didn’t realize you could get your picture taken with one and again figured, ‘why not?’

That is, until I got within 20 feet of it! One of the female employees guided me toward it and ensured me that it wouldn’t bite me. The way it’s body was turned, though, I kept having visions of it whipping its head around and taking my arm off. So, I took a break and then tried again after Douglas did it.

It wasn’t much, just a finger, but his eyes were on me and his buddy was making his way up the banks so I figured I should call it quits.

Even though I was the one who said I wanted to touch the crocodile, she literally had to drag me at first!

As close as I got on my first attempt.

I touched him! Even though my finger is not actually proving it in this picture, it happened a second later.


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