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…in a Vaporetto (water bus).

Contrary to what the posh British woman sitting next to us on the ride to Venice thought, I was thankful that there was no bridge built to connect the islands of Venice to Italy’s land mass. That’s why Venice is sought after by travelers.

It might not seem like the city had an impact on me, considering I’ve waited more than two months to write about it, but I have a hard time believing I was ever there. Two days in Venice was a gift, but also a bit of a tease.

Our arrival to Venice had the potential to ruin our take on the city, what with the sloshing and steady stream of rain. After wandering aimlessly down alleyways in search of our B&B, we made the right turn and stood outside the door like drowned rats.

But clothes dry and it was nothing a hot shower and quick nap couldn’t fix. By the time we emerged to see where we were, the rain had stopped and we bustled through the narrow streets, glancing into the high-end fashion stores and browsing the local shops. A delicious dinner of pasta, wine and chocolate mousse was a great way to end the night.

Our overcast view of Venice, arriving from the airport. Still beautiful.

Walking through the alleys; it's very easy to get lost.

A door into the water.

Reflections in the restaurant window.

Masks galore!

Gondola artwork.

We woke up the next morning to hear our host, fittingly named Michelangelo, talking excitedly in Italian. A quick glance out our small window revealed that the sun was out. We spent the day hanging with pigeons (or, rather, them hanging on us) and walking around to see what we could see. We also took a Vaporetto to Murano island, but I’ll post those pictures later.

A loyal companion...or is he the artist?

A less typical Venetian boat.

And a more typical Venetian boat.

Pigeons are everywhere in St. Mark's Square.

Entryway to St. Mark's Basilica.

Columns in St. Mark's Square.

Pink glass.



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