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I got onto the tro-tro this morning in a daze. The 20 other people on it were all silent and I stared out the window, lost in my thoughts.

When someone started tapping on my shoulder, I turned around quickly and found that everyone in the back of the tro-tro was staring at me. They motioned to a woman on one of the back benches. I smiled, assuming she wanted to talk to the Obruni or something.

Their response to my smile was more gesturing and incredulous looks. I then realized that it had nothing to do with me. The woman just needed to exit the tro-tro and my seat was blocking her path.

I spent the rest of my 90 minute ride attentive and ready to move when necessary and was reminded that it’s not all about me.

In other news, the worms appear to be dying!


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