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I cannot remember a time when I walked into a house and immediately looked up. Why stare at white space, possibly stuccoed? That is, before I visited Schloss Bückeburg in Germany.

The royalty of old wanted their guests to look up, down, and all around. Why waste space? Why not flaunt your money? I often found myself unsure where I should focus. And it’s not just this castle; many of the churches and castles in Europe have decked out the ceilings, windows, doors, and light fixtures.

After their political power was taken away in 1918, the family continued to live in the castle and currently Prince Alexander and his wife live there. They host parties twice a year, and if I had come a month or so later I could have enjoyed a Christmas festival! Oh well.

Instead I listened to a German tour (none in English) and did my best to understand. It helped that my uncle purchased a guidebook in English for me, although I waited until after to read it so I could pay attention to the sights.

The gateway entrance from the town.

Herbst (autumn) in Deutschland.

A corner of Schloss Bückeburg. There are 251 rooms in all.

The main entrance.

The courtyard.

As I gazed up at the ceilings adorned with elaborate frescos and moldings, I wondered ‘why?’ They’re gorgeous, but quite unneccessary. It’s not like you can look up for that long without your neck hurting, and I’m sure there were better ways to spend money. Nevertheless it serves as a source of tourism now for the town; I am an example of that!

The corners each have an image symbolizing the four seasons.

Not sure what season this is...fall?

Always best to impress the guests!

A light fixture in the Great Hall.

The chapel is very elaborate and also poorly lit, hence the coloring.

Light fixture in the men's smoking salon.

A lamp in the 'yellow room', where the women gathered after parties.

Chandelier in the yellow room.

Ceiling paintings in the 'Golden Hall'.

The most elaborate door I have ever seen.

No, not the princess; a photo shoot was taking place.

Slanted windows seen in the spiral staircase.

And, back outside into the real world.


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