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For those of you who don’t keep up with the news, haven’t gone outside, or were sleeping through the winter here’s what happened: we barely had one.

While my hometown of Cleveland is experiencing 60 degree weather this week, I’ll be enjoying the weather they never had. Don’t laugh! Most people complain about the four seasons and claim to be happy that we avoided most of the snow. I admit that I enjoyed spending my lunch breaks walking around in the spring/summer weather we have had, but it wasn’t until I landed in Finland that I was reminded of what we missed.

Icicles in the sunlight.

Skinny birch trees abound.

Moonlight approaches.



Leaving the city behind.

Skyline of trees.

I’m thrilled to be surrounded by so much wildlife. The mixture of white birch trees and evergreens is crisp and scenic. I particularly like them because they’re very narrow and you find them everywhere–even surrounding the large cities. There’s a law that when the trees are cut down they must be replaced. There’s also a law that allows people to hike on each other’s property as long as they are not hunting or causing damage; I will be taking advantage of that!

Hei hei! (Bye!)


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