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I got onto the tro-tro this morning in a daze. The 20 other people on it were all silent and I stared out the window, lost in my thoughts.

When someone started tapping on my shoulder, I turned around quickly and found that everyone in the back of the tro-tro was staring at me. They motioned to a woman on one of the back benches. I smiled, assuming she wanted to talk to the Obruni or something.

Their response to my smile was more gesturing and incredulous looks. I then realized that it had nothing to do with me. The woman just needed to exit the tro-tro and my seat was blocking her path.

I spent the rest of my 90 minute ride attentive and ready to move when necessary and was reminded that it’s not all about me.

In other news, the worms appear to be dying!


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What’s that sound?

I didn’t sleep very well last night and I can pretty confidently attribute it to two things:

  1. Couldn’t stop thinking about/scratching the worms in my foot.
  2. I had my first day at The Business and Financial Times of Ghana.

So when I dragged myself to the taxi station early this morning, I was half awake. Therefore I saw no problem with my taxi driver taking a ‘faster way’ around the traffic. I just wanted to get there.

Naturally the route was unpaved and we were being tossed around. It was lulling, really, until I was suddenly brought back to reality when the driver got angry and loudly ‘hissed’ at a car that cut us off. That’s a surefire way to up your heart rate.


Need to get someone’s attention? Many Ghanaians use this technique. It’s not exactly a cat ‘hiss’…it comes out in that same quick way, but is more of an ‘s’ sound. It’s rarely used in the angry way my taxi driver used it, but never say never.

Leo again. He's actually meowing but it could pass as a hiss.

Another noise used to get your attention is a lip puckering noise. Like someone’s giving you a big, noisy kiss on your cheek.


The suspension on this taxi also seemed to be shot. Not surprising and not a first, just loud given all the bumps we were navigating through. It sounded like bad bed springs, especially right near my wheel.


My first day at the paper went well, once I finally found my way to their offices. I went with one of the reporters to two press conferences.

First we went to a business conference of sorts in which local companies were having a competition for entrepreneurs to have their business model funded. The speakers offered good insight about Ghana’s growing economy and how to sustain growth.

The second featured a bunch of musicians who were performing a concert tonight. American R&B artist Trey Songz and model Amber Rose were there along with a Nigerian singer and several Ghanaian groups. It was a cool experience, especially since I probably wouldn’t be able to get that close at home.

I’m not a huge fan of either, though, plus Rose said, ‘I’m used to just being quiet and looking pretty most of the time’, in regards to the fact that she was co-hosting the concert and was afraid of doing ‘something stupid’ on stage.


For some reason that’s the sound I associated with my tro-tro ride to the taxi station. We sat in traffic for a long time and the hollowed out tro-tro that didn’t seem like it should be able to start would rattle while we were stationary.

In particular the gas pedal rattled and at such a fast speed that, again, I thought of morse code. Then I thought of the movie Balto because I remembered they used morse code in it and from there I’m not sure where my thoughts drifted off. Right now they’re going to dream land. Night and thanks again for the continued support!

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So for the past week and a half my foot has been itching. It started off looking like three bug bites on top of my foot, which only made sense because they itched like crazy.

Then it started to spread.

I think part of me knew what it was and just hoped I was wrong. For those of you who don’t know, I have an illogical fear of worms. Their simple bodies and subsequent squirming disgusts me.

I had hoped that everyone was right and it was just a fungus. But after a few days of anti-fungal cream that I purchased from a store called ‘chemicals’, it had only spread more. So I went to a nearby hospital today and, yep, it’s a worm.

The doctor said the worms are carried by cats and dogs. In other words, the post I wrote yesterday about how playing with cats and dogs was a nice break was full of irony. That led to worms in my foot.

Given my illogical fear, I think I’m handling it fairly well. I’m just trying not to focus on the worm aspect and instead on the fact that I can now properly treat it and stop the itching! And I really did enjoy playing with those little guys.

Plus my dad shared this link with me and it put things in perspective. This is treatable. I’m fortunate to have the money to see a doctor and buy proper treatment. I have shoes. This was a fluke thing for me and not something I have to worry about all of the time.

Don’t scroll down if you don’t want to see a picture of my foot!


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