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Two weeks from today I will be en route to Paris. Seeing as I’ll be spending three weeks in Europe, traveling via cheap airlines and the Eurail, I did not want to have to bring along my large suitcase. So, about a week ago I called Charles De-Gaulle airport to find out what my options were.

Now, knowing that I’ll be in France, I picked up a traveler’s guide to speaking the language while I was waiting to board my plane in Europe. Trying to put it to use, I asked the man who answered the phone, ‘parlezvous anglais?’

‘Yes, I speak English,’ the man answered in an oh-so-French accent.

He proceeded to explain that there is a service allowing me to store my suitcase at the airport for a fee. After getting all the details, it was time to thank him and get on to other things.

‘Bonjour,’ I said and hung up.

For those of you not fluent in French, I told him ‘hello’ at the end of our conversation. But really, most people know ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ in a language.

I’m doomed. And also fairly certain that I’ll have many more flubs like this in my near future because it’s not just basic French I need to know. I’m also going to Italy and Germany, so I have a feeling I’ll be fumbling between the three, German being my strong point.

Oh well! Hopefully it will provide you some entertainment and I have no reason to be upset if that’s my biggest concern.

Aloha! (Thankfully a word that bids both hello and adieu)


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